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Your Return on Investment is driven by your rate of improvement in your program score. We inspire your people to understand customers and engage with them in ways that create direct accountability quickly. In our experience, there is no faster way for large organisations to improve their customer management experiences.

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Feedback ASAP was founded by Phil Prosser, who previously created the world’s largest mystery shopping business.

Today, our team provides 20 plus years global category experience, across 250 programs. That adds up to a staggering 200 million moments of truth across all channels – retail, call centre, online, service centre for the path to purchase, customer journeys, touchpoints & advocacy programs.

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Moments of truth are the DNA of any business. We know that turning them into action creates real momentum. By focusing on improving your sales and service productivity, we help you visibly generate ROI and improve NPS.

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Phil Prosser

Founder & CEO

25 years, 74 countries, 300+ clients. Phil Prosser is Feedback ASAP’s high-achieving leader who’s all about the numbers.

After working at a global level with some of the world’s leading brands to improve customer experiences - including McDonald’s, Yum and Shell - along with category leaders like AT&T, Ladbrokes, United Parcel Service, Body Shop, Radioshack and Starbucks, it was no wonder that Phil was ready to become a market leader in the retail results space.

Having previously founded and been CEO of GAPbuster Worldwide (1994 - 2009), leading the company to be the largest mystery shopping company in the world at the time, Feedback ASAP is the culmination of Phil’s very driven career path.

With a personal philosophy of ‘”it’s not working until you can connect it to sales and ROI”, Phil is known for his innovative approach and his powerful improvement solutions. We might even say he’s a little obsessed with driving meaningful results.


Julian Barton

Executive General Manager

Global online health providers, government, health insurers, universities and retail powerhouses make up the credibility of organisations Julian has worked with on his 17-year career path.

Working with the Co. who launched The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Online, The Biggest Loser Club, Fitness First Online have been career highlights, and his roles as Executive Vice President North America (Chicago) and General Manager Asia Pacific for GAPbuster saw him launching in excess of 50 programmes across a range of brands in Australia and USA.

If he’s not exercising his sales management and digital marketing expertise, he’s thinking about the big picture in retail training and sales coaching programmes. This is just part of what makes Julian so valuable to the Feedback ASAP team.

Also a Shodan Black Belt and instructor in traditional Karate, a professional composer and musician, and with a hobby farm of 40 acres west of Sydney, it’s fair to say that Julian doesn’t have a lot of time to twiddle his thumbs.


Karen Downes

General Manager Client Development

Karen brings broad experience and leadership in Operations and Learning and Development across a range of industries including retail, vet services, hospitality and health.  As the General Manager Operations at Greencross Ltd, Karen successfully lead the pilot, implementation and development of Feedback ASAP across stores, clinics, animal hospitals and the customer contact centre.

Having been a client, Karen brings with her a set of tried and tested tools to create sustainable change and go beyond customer feedback to inspire action and create real impact.  Karen’s focus will be working with you to imbed our Action Habits to help you get to the truth, spot patterns, target opportunities and take action, and will be your ongoing support for program development.


Louise Gauci

Program Development Manager

Having held regional and store management positions, Louise has incredible insight into the landscape that is retail. During her 10 years as Account Manager at GAPbuster, she successfully implemented large, national and regional programs for clients such as Caltex, Australia Post, Coles Group, 3 Mobile and McDonald’s.

Lucky for us, Louise has been working with Feedback ASAP since the company began. She really is the glue that holds us all together, and she does it all while being a busy wife and mum, too.

New Zealand

Diane Chandler

Learning and Development Director

Diane has spent over 20 years developing a training method that translates ‘big picture’ visions into frontline action and results; using customer-inspired improvement strategies to deliver memorable customer experiences which reliably has a positive impact on sales increases.With a key focus on connecting the drivers of customer loyalty to specific, targeted learning, Diane helps teams to build capability by translating what customers want and expect into frontline-friendly, motivational tools. Her training initiatives and approach have always been connected to the larger organisational development and performance improvement challenges; and have always been completely results oriented.

Having worked for both private and public sector clients across the Pacific and in London, Diane’s expertise is second to none. Her commitment to evolving an approach to impacting change in both culture and performance is complemented by Feedback ASAP’s technology which allows us to identify, align, connect and inspire the changes in an engaging and targeted way.

Sydney – Partner

Gabriella Horak

Success Culture Strategist

Let us tell you about Gabriella Horak. Gabriella is a Success Culture Strategist. What does that mean exactly? It means she is passionate about and highly skilled at ensuring that an organisation’s culture extends well past its employees alone. Measuring culture successfully is just as much about how your customers are being served. Because happy employees lead to happy customers.Over an impressive 20 years, she has worked with hundreds of organisations, including ASX Top 100 Companies, to build their Success Culture. She is a highly sought-after speaker, facilitator and mentor, well known for achieving long-lasting, results-focused success.

Not only is she the CEO of What's Your Edge? an international organisational development company, creator of the Team Intelligence programs, TeamQ™ and The 5 Success Principles are M.A.G.I.C, she is also Master Facilitator of the global bestselling book The Slight Edge.  Gabriella is dedicated to helping people and organisations get their edge.