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“The innovation Phil Prosser brought to our Quality Service Cleanliness (QSC) program enabled it to become a critical component of our overall operational measurements tools. Raising the bar in our restaurant QSC execution, the foundation of our business, has been one of the key reasons for our company’s turnaround.”

- Jerry Calabrese, McDonald’s Head of Global Restaurant Measurement Systems.

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Using Feedback ASAP’s Improvement System to drive accountability and action at the front line, our optical retailer client saw significant changes to their NPS.

With the goal of improving end-to-end customer journeys, our programme insights identified where issues were happening; outlining the key opportunities to target missed behaviours and removing the guesswork so that behavioural change could be made.

By giving each staff member their number one opportunity to improve upon, Feedback ASAP’s client was able to celebrate an increase in NPS of 43% to 74%, and an increase in sales of 18%.

Increase in NPS over 12 months



focus increases
customer spend

With an objective to increase customers’ spending, Feedback ASAP armed a leading fashion retailer with the skills to target missed sales behaviours. This programme focuses on behavioural change to ultimately encourage upselling.

Stores were totally accountable for taking action on their No 1 Sales opportunity. Plans were then reviewed by Area Managers.

By going beyond NPS and engaging teams with the real voice of their customers, and by offering tired incentives to staff for delivering exceptional customer experiences, Feedback ASAP was able to coach this team to success with a 24% increase in average outlined in Martin Butler’s book, It’s Not about us, it’s all about them.

Increase in average customer spend



Advocacy for
change at scale

With a team of 10,000, Feedback ASAP’s involvement in a department store’s sales improvement was no mean feat.

With thousands of customer interactions every day we assessed what was driving daily customer traffic and then focused on a customer-led programme by creating a Customer Delight Index. This encouraged team members to focus on the frontline, focus on their interactions with customers and improving consistency which ultimately enabled improvement.

By celebrating customer delight with real time alerts and acknowledging the specific team member involved, it enabled the recognition of individuals despite such a large and varied team. With these processed implemented, this company saw a 27% increase to NPS in three years.

Increase in NPS over three years



Development, an
investment into
CX success

Working with a Telco retailer, Feedback ASAP’s Customer-Led Coaching programme drove year-on-year sales growth by double, ensuring the team could operate with empathy, engage action and empower sales success.

Inspiring behavioural change to build capability by assessing team member skills meant that individuals were all accountable and the sales productivity improvement results were all down to strategies employed during the customer engagement process.

By identifying best practices and creating insights to train staff, the team were able to target key opportunities for sales growth, contributing to the outstanding overall result of an increase in sales of 21.7%.

Increase in sales



4 + 4 ways to
get there


Improve your sales productivity

Integrate your foot traffic and website traffic to create rich sales and service insights


Improve your NPS by touchpoint and by customer journey

Get personalised feedback featuring the real voice of the customer and online. Authentic, accountable, actionable


Integrate your customer experience improvement programs

Make sure all your programs are driven by best practice management


Take advantage of coaching and transformation programs

Integrate these with your eLearning


Gain path to purchase and
non-purchase insights

Gather these across channels – for new, lapsed and terminated customers


Track your promotion, marketing and media impacts

Accurately assess your marketing effectiveness and product and brand impacts


Gather staff engagement insights

Align what you learn with your Recognition and Rewards programs


Create social media advocacy programs

Use these to create fresh new marketing opportunities in key markets